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  • FREE Domain & SSL, Dedicated IP, Transfers
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Customizable cloud servers with many 1-click install applications.

Ultimate power? Check out our dedicated servers.

Fast, reliable web hosting for personal users or businesses

Choose from Windows or Linux, Managed or Unmanaged.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostwinds

Advantages of Hostwinds

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  1. Hostwinds deliver the best hosting plan as its major advantage is its simple and incredible plan structure. There are three levels of business web hosting such as basic, advanced, and ultimate. There is a difference in the number of domains between these three levels, as these plans contain limitless disk space and bandwidth, and other various features such as solid-state drives, optimized MySQL, Instant setup, unlimited database, lite speed web server, and many more.
  2. Simplicity is the robust selling point for Hostwinds.
  3. We are always available about 24/7, as we also offer various support channels such as phone, chat, tickets, and email. You can contact us anytime as you will easily use it by using these support channels. We also overlook you if you will want to get knowledge about cost plans, if you are new to buy hosting package then we will also deliver the best bonus feature.
  4. In customization, we support operating systems such as Centos 7 operating system and Linux Webhosting. We utilize the up-to-date versions of PHP and MySQL for our hosting facilities.
  5. Hostwinds delivers organization tools for the storage of data, scaling, and configuration of the database under a storage organization.
  6. Generous 60-day money-back guarantee


  1. Due to various hurdles, Hostwinds does not deliver limited opportunities on top, as the clients are limited to pages and sites.
  2. Hostwinds does not deliver free options for SEO, as more hosts of the websites are delivering permitted search engine optimization.
  3. The shared servers of Hostwinds drop below the line of business standard, the requirements are of low-quality and slower as compared to other competitors.
  4. There is no price-back assurance for Virtual Private Server.

An Introduction to Hostwinds

Hostwinds started in 2010, it is a network hosting firm that claims enterprise clarifications at minor commercial costs, and it also delivers the best client service that is more outstanding and personal. Hostwinds started altering the appearance of the hosting business from the start by a set of innovative values such as reasonable cost, hosting facilities, and deliver quality. The founder of Hostwinds is Peter Holden, his goal was to deliver low-price network hosting clarifications to the minor business owners supported by superior provision and facility.

The staff of Hostwinds confirms that the customers feel satisfied, cared for, and respected every time. The business owners always need the best decision and plan for their business, if you are a business holder, and you want to make the right decision, then you should contact us.  The main offices of Hostwinds are in Oklahoma, it has grown towards success with time. The datacenters of Hostwinds are present in Washington, Seattle, Texas, and Dallas. We try to deliver low costs, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, better support, and rapid servers to our customers.

  • About Us

Hostwinds are the experts of the industry with the desire for additional client service, our reliable and durable hosting is the remarkable client service that set us separately in front of competitors. We assure you to fix you for the achievement of business-leading provision and hosting. You can believe us because client satisfaction is our motor and we try to suffice you by delivering the best services. We assure you that we will always grasp ourselves to a top-level of superiority, to deliver you with the astonishing understanding that you deserve. Reliability is crucial for us, as we deliver 99.999% SLA, to assure that your website will run without any issue. We offer our services and products according to your demand, and we work in the form of a team. Our team is always available to listen to your issues.

  • Awards

Hostwinds have won various awards due to our best performance and reputation, as we deliver high-quality services and customer-focused culture. We are identified as the top leading firm at the international level, as we have received these awards due to our obligation towards the needs of clients. We have delivered award-winning facilities for our clients. Our awards are listed below:

Inc. Magazine: We won this award due to our fastest services, as Inc. Magazine honored us to be one of the five hundred fastest-growing private firms.

PC Magazine: It awarded us as the choice of Editors for high-quality products and services. We were awarded by due to our optimistic practices of business and the best support to the clients.

  • Data Centers

Hostwinds operate in three data centers, as it permits us to deliver the best services in case of tragic retrieval options. Our data centers are present in Amsterdam, Dallas, and Seattle. In Seattle, we deliver 24/7 security, and our staff works about 24 hours in the network operations center. Our center is supported by a cooling system as there N+1 chillers in Seattle. In Dallas, there is high security to recognized egress and entrance information, as this center is backed up by a 2×2 Megawatt generator. Dallas’ data center is backed up by air cooling units with the configuration of N+2. Amsterdam’s data center is one of the best data centers as its compliance include SOC 1 Type II, ISO 9001, etc. We have backed up the data center of Amsterdam with a 2×2 Megawatt generator. There is the best cooling system in this data center, as there are distinct doors for cold and hot passageway as well as direct current mechanical fans.

  • Contact Hostwinds

Hostwinds work like a resourceful and skilled team, as we are always available to help the clients in every case. You can contact us through phone, support ticket, and visa Live Chat. You can contact us anytime whether it is day or night, we will do anything for you so that you do not have any difficulty.

You can contact us via the phone number, Hostwinds are always available 24/7/365


Hostwinds will deliver you the best industry-leading and specialized support to you. we give a reply to our clients at the first ring. Hostwinds provide solutions to the clients at the first try, as cannot ignore and delay the complaints or requests of our clients.

Services Provided by Hostwinds

Hostwinds offer domain registration services which include mutual accommodating tactics that come with a permitted domain name. Hostwinds can aid you to register a new name of the domain, and renewal as well as innovativeness of present domain name. We deliver Enterprise Email Accounts which are beneficial for commercials that require email accounts escorting the name of domain which they are utilizing. We are delivering clients and practical support service to you, as we are available to aid you 24/7, we deliver a response to the clients in seconds. We deliver unmanaged cloud services to Hostwinds, as we offer services to clients deprived of any administrative, management, and technical support. Hostwinds can support and maintain the level of infrastructure. There are various services that we start in case of failure, such as, HTTP server, SQL server, mail server, SSH server, and FTP server.

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  • Shared hosting

Hostwinds have designed shared hosting plans to achieve websites running with minor annoyance, as your plan can be comprehensive at the best cost in shared hosting. There are various shared hosting plans, you can select anyone, as your plan will include permitted domain name, free migration of website, free certificates of SSL, free IP address, and unrestricted MySQL catalogs, subdomains, and email accounts. The shared hosting plans come with approximately 99.999% assurance. If you are highly concerned with the budget and also require a top level of performance of web hosting then we can offer business web hosting to you.

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  • Business Hosting

Hostwinds has designed business hosting, as it balances the power of VPS with the comfort of communal hosting. Business hosting is one of the best products of Hostwinds as the business-level hosting established with your mindset regarding business. We also offer various features with business hosting tactics such as the free domain, unrestricted databases, free transfer of website, instant setup, etc. You can track your website at ideal haste through using our business hosting, as it faster as compared to shared web hosting. It will give you the best results with higher durability and stability and it will also permit you to work faster and to broaden the website without any difficulties.

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  • Reseller Hosting

Hostwinds deliver the best tools that you ever need to begin the business with your web hosting. The additional features are also present in reseller hosting such as 24/7 technological provision, availability of backups at night, instant setup, and managed systems. You can become a provider of web hosting through vending the reliable services and products of Hostwinds. Besides, you can save more, by purchasing more. Additional features included in reseller hosting are unrestricted email accounts, free transfer of website, limitless catalogs. The reseller hosting program will prove to be the best option for your customers and you, as we try to surpass our prospects at a bigger cost.

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  • Managed VPS

Hostwinds is delivering managed VPS, as it permits the clients to take care of errands related to servers such as the installation of software, core maintenance, and updates. If you are about to start a business with no or little experience related to technology, then you can use managed VPS hosting to get the solution for hosting. You will not face any difficulty regarding the server after using the managed VPS of Hostwinds. It further includes managed Linux and managed windows, it also upgrades and maintains the server that is secured by the provider of the host. It is expensive as compared to unmanaged VPS but it is the best choice for you if you are a beginner.

    • Windows

Hostwinds offer various features with managed VPS windows such as initiative firewalls, snapshots, 1Gbps ports, various locations, best guarantee, etc. Managed VPS windows contain protective, fast, and powerful servers of windows. These windows are fully organized by our experts. There are various features of managed windows VPS such as monitoring the server, immediate scalability, and complete management. Firewall constructs the custom rules and regulations for outgoing and incoming traffic to maintain the security of the server.

    • Linux

Hostwinds is offering the managed VPS Linux at an affordable price, as it holds complete regulations with the devoted resources that are allocated to the clients through achieving the startup of Hostwinds VPS. We are delivering various flavors of Linux to modify your server, you can select any version such as Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOs, and Debian.

  • Unmanaged VPS

If you want complete regulation on the environment of your hosting then, you can select unmanaged VPS, as it is cheaper as compared to managed VPS as it comes with the branded cloud organization panel of Hostwinds to aid you to transport the tasks of the server system management. We will also deliver you an unmanaged VPS plan according to your needs.

    • Windows

You can secure your cost through choosing unmanaged windows, you can order unmanaged VPS windows in various varieties, for instance, 1CPU, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB storage, and 1 Terabyte bandwidth, at the price of 9.89 dollars. It can aid you to make, sustain, and monitor your servers. You can make custom rules and regulations for IPv6 and IPv4, as it will save your server through the conception of the firewall outline.  You can apply the convention firewall outlines to the servers.

    • Linux

We are delivering unmanaged Linux VPS with a variety of further values and tools for your ease. There are various features in it, such as a system of monitoring, and prompt scalability, you can pre-construct your server to lodge any crucial stipulations related to Word Press, cPanel, and WHM. We are delivering the full supplied applications with various choices for your Linux server. We are delivering endless varieties of unmanaged Linux VPS to you such as CPV lab, Lamp stack, virtual creator, LEMP, and Virtualmin.

  • Cloud Hosting

Hostwinds are delivering cloud hosting, as you can take benefit from the features delivered by us in cloud hosting. There are various features of a cloud server, as we deliver comfort billing for Cloud hosting, it will permit you to select the option of billing that efforts in the best way for you. Besides, you can use custom templates to configure the best environment for the server and to organize the upcoming servers utilizing a similar conformation through clicking the button. Cloud hosting will prove to be beneficial for you as these are customizable and scalable. The company can enhance the devoted capital of cloud services within a few seconds.

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  • Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are fully measured, dedicated capitals, and managed, Hostwinds offer servers originate with an overabundance of devices that will ease your life. You can select RAID configuration to fulfill your requirements based on disks.

You can place an order for a convention-made server based on CPU and RAM, as you can customize the amount and size of disks, we will deliver your order based on your needs. Hostwinds deliver devoted capitals, as you can deliver 100% tenure to your server. Our systems deliver incomparable reliability and speeds, and it is the outcome of a high rate of termination as we have established as built-in security. We assure you regarding the performance of the incomparable network, to ensure the online availability of servers for you.

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Hostwinds Review

Hostwinds have got excellent reviews from customers, as Hostwinds have got the highest rating in features, support, services, pricing, and reliability. Hostwinds have got reviews in about eight languages, everyone has appreciated my affordable and uptime costs. Hostwinds have got the best reviews regarding our support, as our clients are surprised through the good and fast response of the ticket. Our reputation is well-grossed as various features are charged by the competitors additionally. Hostwinds are also delivering budget-approachable tactics to clients. Hostwinds are delivering various plans to you such as shared hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, SSL plans, reseller plans, and cloud hosting plans.

Hostwinds Coupon Code

Hostwinds is delivering high-class concession for the readers of Blog “domainhostingvps”, as you will just purchase hosting from a coupon. Besides, coupon code Hostwinds will help you to secure money on the plans of hosting.


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Hostwinds Support

You can update your strategy from managed or unmanaged at any stage according to your choice. We are here to deliver you support in case of any issue, as we can’t contact each client separately. Therefore, we are offering you to contact us by using phone, tickets, and emails.

You can chat with us on our website as we will give a reply to your every issue. Our support teams are professional, knowledgeable, polite, and friendly, as we deliver solutions to problems 24/7. The main feature of our company is database organization as we deliver support for the organization of various kinds of integration and database techniques.

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Hosting Top 10 VPS
  • Starting at $3.29/month, 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.999% Uptime & 24/7 Support
  • FREE Domain & SSL, Dedicated IP, Transfers
Save up to 50% - CODE: DHVOFF50

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