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Cloudways offers cloud hosting via other cloud infrastructure platforms. You can manage all of these cloud hosting services, so all you have to do is install a CMS such as WordPress.

For those who want to run their site without having to manage their own servers, Cloudways is a solid and affordable cloud-based service.

Cloudways offers cloud server services with great feature packs, and as your website grows, you can use hosting resources at scale. Cloud Way’s infrastructure is optimized for security, performance, and speed.


A service that anyone can easily use the power of the cloud

Cloudways, a pioneer that popularized cloud hosting, is full of attractions such as high utilization, extremely flexible scalability, and overall superior performance over traditional web hosting services.

So what’s the appeal of cloud hosting itself? First, in the cloud, multiple servers host your site, providing redundancy to improve your site’s speed and security. In addition, cloud hosting allows you to respond quickly even when the amount of access increases rapidly. However, as anyone who has tried to set up cloud hosting on their own will know, it’s not easy to understand and use it properly.

With Cloudways, you can let Cloudways take care of difficult technical tasks and focus on creating your site. This means you can choose from Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and another infrastructure to host your site, and Cloudways manages your cloud hosting.

From individual freelancers who want to create a portfolio to venture entrepreneurs who want to sell online on their own, owners of beauty salons, and fishing equipment stores, various users want to publish their WordPress site using stable cloud hosting. You’re thinking. For such people, Cloudways managed hosting plan is recommended because it is designed so that content can be easily and stably transmitted in the cloud.


Powerful hosting for users who want to use a lot

When you try managed WordPress hosting service to pilot the Cloudways platform. Overall, It comes with an excellent service with a good balance of price, function, and speed.

Cloudways also offers basic features such as transfer services from other hosting services, firewalls, and automatic backups. They do not provide domain registration or SSL certificate, but you can set up a Let’s Encrypt certificate for free from the administrator panel.

Aside from the basics, let’s take a look at the features you want to focus on in Cloudways.

Cloud-based integration

Cloudways is known as a cloud-based integrator. That’s why it’s so popular with developers and admins of large sites that need high performance (and that’s why most average site admins can’t use it).

For those who don’t understand at all, let’s chew and explain. Creating an account with Cloudways will allow you to create servers hosted by six major cloud providers.

Plus, Cloudways is a managed hosting service, so you don’t have to do technically difficult tasks every day, such as updating software or setting up servers.

Staging site and URL

Cloudways offers an unlimited staging environment and URLs. This means you can try out new elements and edit your code without affecting your site at all.

In addition, there is a one-click tool that allows you to clone the entire server, allowing you to clone files and databases individually. This feature allows you to move your site to the staging URL and push your changes to your site when you’re done.

Features that improve performance

As you would expect from a high-end managed hosting provider, Cloudways comes with a variety of tools that allow you to optimize page load speeds, especially during peak traffic. This includes SSH storage, built-in caches (Memcached, Varnish, Redis), Cloudways CDN, and more. Even if it is expected that the traffic will suddenly increase due to a campaign etc., there is no worry that the site will stop.

Collaboration as a team

As more and more staff work remotely, we need tools that allow us to collaborate efficiently with team staff. Cloudways allows you to assign tasks to other members and assign access to servers, apps, sites, etc. to each member.

Since this is an essential function for site security measures, we recommend this hosting provider that has such a permission assignment function.

Developer tools

For developers, Cloudways is attractive because it has various workflow tools to improve work efficiency. For example, with Git auto-deploy, changes to the remote repository are applied immediately. Of course, there are also common features such as SSH and SFTP access.


We are busy, aren’t we? There are many things you have to do to make your business successful, and you have to solve various problems. With a managed hosting solution, you can focus on what’s important. Cloudways can do all the trivial work you have to do every day.

Create an account

Creating an account with Cloudways is easy. The main reason is that the main site and user interface are well designed. The platform is primarily targeted at developers and large sites, but even beginners should find it easy to learn.

Domain connection and WordPress installation

It also makes it easier to connect your domain and install WordPress. Net tutorials are easy to find, and Cloudways has its own help articles. If you have any questions while setting up the site, you can always contact via live chat from the main dashboard.

Cloudways does not have a domain registration service, so you need to purchase a domain from an external domain registration destination and then associate it with Cloudways. This isn’t too difficult, but it adds one more thing to do and can be a little overwhelming for beginners.

WordPress automatic transfer tool

It is difficult to move a host. Especially when there is a lot of access, it is a very difficult task. Cloudways makes it easy to move an existing WordPress site with an automatic transfer tool.

If you need help, Cloudways also offers a free site relocation specialist service.

One-click software installer

Although not as softaculous, Cloudways allows you to install 10 apps with just one click. It supports WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Drupal, etc. Unlike the basic automated installer, the Cloudways installer allows you to deploy programs to multiple sites on a single server.

Easy to scale

If you need to grow your server, you can do it quickly with just a few clicks. Best of all, it doesn’t affect existing server settings or parameters. Also, Cloudways is pay-as-you-go, so you only have to pay for the resources you use.


Best speed and performance

The Cloudways platform integrates with the services of third-party cloud providers, so availability guarantees must be verified on a company-by-company basis. Fortunately, Cloudways only has partnerships with reputable providers such as DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

Since these are the best cloud providers in the industry, Cloudways can be declared 40-50% faster than most hosting services. No issues such as downtime or slow site have been reported. In fact, Cloudways has a reputation for stability and high communication speed.

Still, if you’re managing a high-traffic site, you need a hosting service that guarantees that you can meet your demand. Cloudways is very fast. When tested, the sites created with Cloudways got an overall A +score. Load times were less than 0.5 seconds in most countries.

The slowest were Australia and Tokyo, which took nearly two seconds.


Customer support is always available via live chat

You can contact customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat or online tickets. This is very satisfying. But if you want to talk to the staff over the phone, you can get them back. As with other companies, the site does not have a phone number.

If contacting support (first, not many people want to talk on the phone). Cloudways has a rich knowledge base with lots of help documentation and tutorials. In addition, the community bulletin board is actively used when you want to talk with other developers.

Like the rest of the site, the customer support page is well-designed and easy to navigate.

Live chat

When using live chat several times. The staff always responds quickly. They respond within 2 minutes regardless of the time of day.


Since Facebook is written on the Cloudways contact page, If you decide to try customer support on social media. It’s slow & you’ll usually get an answer after two days.


Twitter is also written on the inquiry page, so If you try to support it there as well. Your query will be displayed as read within a few minutes after you sent it, but they will respond after a few days. It doesn’t seem to support much on social media.


Cloudways are not cheap. Choosing the cheapest service is as expensive as the best-in-class packages of other shared hosting providers. But it’s not surprising because it’s a premium managed hosting solution for site administrators who need high-performance hosting.

However, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time, and the fee is calculated for each usage time, so it’s good to pay only for what you use. It’s convenient to be able to see your usage and billing at a glance by logging in to your dashboard.

The free trial period is only 3 days, but managed hosting providers often don’t have any free trials at all, so 3 days is a good idea. If you decide to use a paid plan, the only payment methods available are Visa, American Express, and Mastercard.

Cancellation and refund

You have to upgrade to a paid plan to try the CDN. It is a pity that you won’t be able to try it with a free trial, but you’ll find it convenient to be able to check the price in real-time on the administrator panel.

There are no refund policies or guarantees as you only have to pay for what you use. In fact, the Terms of Service clearly state that we will only refund the fees for services that we are not using.

Pros and Cons of Cloudways

Cloudways Pros

  • The free trial of the cloud server is provided for 3 days. No credit information required, so no worries.
  • Unlimited installation on the website. There is an upgrade option to add resources.
  • These hosting services include many useful features, scaling tools, and server monitors.
  • Automatic site backup.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing system. So, after expanding the server’s resources, you will be charged for what you need.
  • Cloudways offers hosting solutions for WordPress, Magento, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla, and more. Easy PHP or CMS based system installation.
  • Site migration is done for free.
  • One-click functionality makes it easy to start, restart, duplicate, extend, transfer, and stop servers.

Cons of Cloudways

  • There is no control panel like cPanel or Plesk. They provide their own console to manage the application.
  • Technical knowledge is required to use this hosting service. If you don’t have a passion to learn with it, you’d better get away from this hosting provider.
  • Domain registration and email accounts are not provided here.


Cloudways is a company that offers economical, high quality, and well-balanced services. The platform is full of developer features (Git, staging environment, collaboration features, etc.) and the interface is easy to use so even beginners should be able to use it smoothly.

It surely is one of the best hosting companies that offer quality features at low prices. Nevertheless, other hosting providers also have flaws in the same way they contain flaws, but you can’t get the site at this low price.

The only problem is that if you’re wondering if Cloudways is good, the free trial period is only 3 days and you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan to try out the CDN. So, in reality, you have to pay to try out the service.

Domain Hosting Top 10 VPS
  • Pay As You Go , + 15$ Signup
  • Free SSL, migration, no lockin, Unlimited Applications
  • 99.99% Uptime & 24/7/365 Support
Save up to 15$ Signup - Click: Visit Site

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